Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holy, Healthy, and Happy...

I learned the above title from Brother Lindsey 23 years ago. Thankfully, God supports this truth with the blessing of the Christian Walk. I'm so glad to be a child of God. God, through Christ has blessed this preacher for 23 years with a joyous and happy life. Because of Christ I found contentment that the world couldn't offer Rick Roehm. I was so blind...but now I can see. Glory!

Isn't it beautiful that Christ can make you a winner instead of a loser? Isn't it beautiful that Christ can deliver man from bad habits and addiction? Isn't beautiful that joy becomes reality in the heart and life of a believer in Christ? Isn't beautiful to know there is an "up" side of life and that up side is the holy life in this life...and then Heaven when we leave this world. Glory!

Isn't beautiful to know God can give us victory through a Christ that not only saves..but also governs and controls our lives between the cradle and the grave?

I write these words because the world teaches defeat, struggle, depression, the dark side, financial woes , problems, stress, worry and so much more...but Christ teaches that you can have victory over these conditions and circumstances. Christ gives us a way out! Christ delivers! Christ meets our needs! Christ takes care of our needs! Christ is the "up side" of life. Christ is where real contentment is found. Christ is our hope and victory of these adverse conditions of life.

This Blog and my personal ministry for Christ is one that teaches people how live with adverse conditions of life...but to have Christ given victory over these adverse conditions. This is the better life where Christ is in control...not Rick Roehm. Glory!

I'm glad to testify that you can be holy in Christ! Healthy in Christ and Happy in Christ! Real contentment...real joy...and real happiness comes standing with certainty that Christ owns you completely. All that you were, all that you are, and all that you're ever going to be! Are you sold out? Are you holy? Healthy? Happy? If you are, "You've got it made" Rick Roehm.

I encourage all of you to give all to Christ. Let him have your heart, life and ministry. Goodbye world...hello Jesus! Keep me! There is no other way! Glory!

All Christians can be holy, healthy, and happy. I'm Glad God used Brother Lindsey to get this writers attention! Glory! Have a good weekend.

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