Monday, June 7, 2010

Tending to the faith...

Yesterday, I was "tending" my garden. I was giving attention to my blessed garden because I love to eat healthy! 30 days ago I tilled the soil! 10 days ago I planted my tomatoes, peppers, beans, herbs, etc. Yesterday (after the rain) I hoed, weeded, fertilized, dusted, staked, and just nurtured what I planted. The better I tend to my garden...the better yield I get.

God showed me something in this beautiful lesson! He showed me how to live right and tend to my life in Christ. By tending to the things that "grow" my faith I get a better foundation in Christ. By trusting in Him for every need of my life He shows me how to live, act, and behave in an evil world that I live in. By tending my faith I study God's Word and learn how to walk as God intended.

Prov 21:5...The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness;

By going to the Upper Room on Sunday's I'm able to encourage others to tend to the things concerning faith. What a blessing it is to teach others how to tend to the important things in life! Like weeding the garden! Like fertilizing it! Like giving it support! Glory! Christ is in the center of this writers heart, life, and ministry! I'm so glad! He has made me glad!

Besides growing a garden and tending to its needs I love to eat healthy! By eating healthy I'm taking care of the Temple of the Holy Ghost! I've been physically exercising and working out the heart. The heart is my lifeline because life is in the blood. Tending to my physical needs.

Prov 4:23...Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

As for the spiritual? All the issues of life are dealt with through the heart of man. A clean heart from the power of Calvary is the secret. When God takes "us" over He gives us a sound mind. His Grace gives us the ability to think right and do right. By tending to these matters and giving all diligence we as children of God are fully prepared to deal with every circumstance and adverse condition in life.

By tending the right things in life God shows us the way through Christ Jesus. By tending to the things that concern faith in Christ God takes us through the hard times and pressures of life. By tending to our faith we see Christ morning, noon, and night! Glory! By tending to things concerning faith...Christ gets our "undivided attention!" Glory!

I write these Blogs from the heart to encourage and build up others in the faith. I'll close with these words, "Tend your faith like the gardener tends his garden". Maintain it! Weed it! Fertilize it! Support it! By doing this you will have just exactly the yield God wants you to have! Bless God! Tend your faith! Beleive! Trust! Have "full assurance" the Christ of our Salvation!

Inspired by a co-worker...Konrad Sandker.

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