Monday, May 17, 2010

When Holy Hubert "fathered" the Jesus movement...there was a great awakening on the West Coast

Since the Early Church there were many revivals that took place in the pages of history. If look closely you will find that where ever these type of awakenings occurred... the Bible Doctrine of Entire Sanctification was being taught. "Holy" Hubert Lindsey who adamantly taught Entire Sanctification proclaimed the greatest awakenings in history followed this type of Bible Doctrine. Being a former Calvinist, Brother Lindsey recognized this fact after being hindered from receiving the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire, for 35 years while he was a Baptist minister. He was sanctified entire somewhere in the mid 60's where his complete minstry and theology was changed for the glory of Christ!

In the "Early Church" after the death and resurrection of Christ the Apostles taught Entire Sanctification and Revival broke out there! John Wesley taught Entire Sanctification in the 1600’s and Revival broke out there! During the 1900’s at Azusa Street Entire Sanctification was being taught and Revival broke out there! In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Hubert Lindsey was teaching Entire Sanctification on the West Coast. Revival broke out there also! That monumental move of the Spirit of God (through Holy Hubert's) preaching became the birth of the Jesus Movement.

The Jesus Movement was a move of the Spirit that swept Revival across the West Coast and converted people to Christ by the thousands. These converts were people from every walk of life and not just the Organized Church crowd. These were people that gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ for personal forgiveness for their sins. These converts even began witnessing for Christ and Revival broke out even more! Signs, wonders, and miracles were following! Evidence of a resurrected Christ was being manifested just like in the days of the early Church! People were finding Christ by the thousands! Some of those people who found Christ at that time are still in Christ today in 2010. Their testimonies are posted on the Internet (under Holy Hubert Lindsey) 30-40 years later. What a great proof that Christ lives and changes the heart of man! What a great testimony for the power of a resurrected Christ being preached in the 70’s!

The New Testament teaches about an “awakening after the death of Christ” that is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles chapters 2, 3, 4. That awakening showed Revival that broke out in the hearts of preachers of the Gospel, after the resurrection of Christ. The Apostles Peter and John were sanctified Entire through the baptism with the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost. Peter and John were moved by the Spirit of God and boldly preached the Gospel after the resurrection of Christ. What beautiful evidence of the work of God in Revival! Brother Lindsey who was moved by the same Holy Ghost in the 60’s and 70’s knew this same kind of Revival! All these great men of God preached the truth about Entire Sanctification.

The work of God in the Jesus Movement in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s brought peace to rioting crowds of protest on the West Coast during and after the Viet Nam war era. The Jesus Movement spread across the nation to “Explo” which was a major public Christian event in 1972. "Explo 72" took place in a gathering at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX. The Jesus Movement brought peace on the Berkeley Campus to radical crowds such as anti-war protesters, the Socialist Party, and the Nazi Party. Remember, drugs like LSD, MDA, Speed, and marijuana was on the rise inside a certain culture of people throughout America. Orgy-sex and sensuality was a major trend and huge Rock and Roll concerts with Psychedelic music were spreading like wildfire. There was a complete culture of people forming within the younger generation on the West Coast and throughout America at that time. Among those people who experienced Revival was the Hippie movement and also those known as the flower children. God extended His hand of love and mercy to that people.

The Jesus Movement birthed Revival. Through the Spirit of Christ that Brother Lindsey preached the miracle of the new birth was manifested within the hearts of many during those years. This Jesus Movement and the period of time of time it took place were approximately 65 -70 years after the Azusa Street Revival. Remember, Entire Sanctification was being taught by Brother Lindsey at that time. If Entire Sanctification was taught more today in the mainstream you’d witness more Holy Ghost Revival today!

Everything on this Blog and in this writers heart...supports the doctrinal views of Brother Holy Hubert Lindsey. Entire Sanctification is not taught today and will never be a popular doctrine. Why? Entire Sanctification requires a moral obligation to God because of death to self. read more about this doctrine on this Blog. Listen to Brother Lindsey's preaching on holiness and his testimony about being filled and sanctified with the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire at the following link. Just scroll down to...the Baptism with the Holy Ghost!

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