Friday, May 14, 2010

"Holy" Hubert Lindsey known by some as the..."Father of the Jesus Movement"

In 1965 God revealed to Brother Lindsey (a former Baptist) it was time to downsize his large-scale ministry. His ministry at that time included a staff of 35 men including songleaders. God told him to go to the West Coast.

This was during the Viet Nam War era where much revolt was breaking out through the U.S. at that time. Hubert obeyed God, downsized, and went to California. For years he claimed he preached in Berkeley with hardly any results. He mentioned how hard times were for him and his wife, economically. He claimed at times his efforts seemed vain as no one was giving their heart to the Lord, but he still continued with what Christ sent him to do. Then, things began happening! Miracles began taking place!

After years of hardly anyone giving their heart to Christ people began changing their minds and accepting the Christ Brother Lindsey preached. Hundreds maybe thousands began giving their hearts to Christ. Lost men and women were turning to Christ and finding Salvation through Hubert Lindsey's witness for the Lord of Glory! Protesters and people from every walk of life, were being converted as Holy Hubert Lindsey honored his call to the ministry.

The perseverance of Holy Hubert Lindsey and the move of the Holy Spirit on the West Coast finally broke into revival for the Glory of Christ! College students, drug addicts, street people, prostitutes, homosexuals, and all walks of life began turning from sin and giving their hearts to Christ. Hubert proclaimed that even police officers, mayors, doctors, and high ranking government officials were also giving their hearts to Christ during this great outbreak for the Lord. The Jesus Movement was forming. Men and women great and small were turning from sin and trusting in the Christ - Holy Hubert was preaching! People were being forgiven, saved, and finding peace through an outbreak of Holy Ghost Revival on the West Coast!

This effectual work of the Spirit of Christ was later recognized as the "Jesus Movement" and was it spreading like wild-fire. This mighty move of the Spirit of God was also recognized by certain religious and political figureheads. Among those were the Pope of Rome and President Richard Nixon who both recognized and declared Holy Hubert to be the Father of the Jesus Movement. Holy Hubert stated many times throughout his life and ministry that the Pope of Rome told him personally that the Jesus Movement was the greatest move of the Spirit of God since the Azusa Street Revival at the turn of the century.

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