Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Holy Hubert reached this writer's life ...with the Gospel that Christ commanded him to preach

The Gospel message is carried by holy men of God and Brother Lindsey was a holy man. Hubert Lindsey was the Lord's Servant that delivered a message of truth and love to Rick Roehm's ear. I cried out to God and Christ sent Brother Lindsey across my path. Holy Hubert Lindsey was an Apostle of the resurrection of Christ. What a privilege to be discipled.. by one sent from Christ. I trusted what he preached but I also studied what he taught in the Bible...to see if it were true and sound. It was! It is!

I spent years of my life reviewing Brother Lindsey's teachings and sermons that were recorded and preserved. I've heard his miraculous testimonies and studied his vast teachings with joy. Today I continue the Apostles doctrine at this Blog and others; in my personal ministry; and where ever the Lord permits. I do it with all gravity and sincerity because it has blessed my life richly. It has blessed my marriage! It has blessed my relationship with Christ! It has blessed my understanding of the Holy Scripture just enough to keep me from being confused! The ministry God has allowed me to birth carries this same Apostles doctrine to the best of my God given ability.

Brother Lindsey told me this all would come to pass! His words of truth have blessed my heart, my life, my marriage and my ministry! Holy Hubert was right! His doctrine was sound! It took away confusion! It fortified the foundation my Christian life is built upon. The Word of God is simple and true but we must be true! Hubert Lindsey exhorted all people to be true to God! I loved that man dearly and I trusted his word of truth...everything he told me came to pass in Christ Jesus! That's why I am presently publishing Holy Hubert's preaching material on this Blog and on the Internet. To bless others as the Lord has blessed this writer and preacher. Hubert wanted that! So do I! Glory to Christ! His name was not only Holy Hubert...it was also Happy Hubert. I'm happy to because of the Gospel Brother Lindsy preached! I've got Christ, I have a good wife, every sin is forgiven, I have it made. (I copied that statement from Brother Lindsey) He...He..He...Glory! I'm getting Blessed!

Service tonight at the Upper Room...7:00PM. Bring five or six people with you!

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