Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mrs. Roehm's testimony in prayer...

I was so touched today after receiving a call from my wife, Paula. Before work today (she told me she stopped into the Chapel at the Hospital) to talk to the Lord. Her prayers were for family members that need direct attention from God. How Blessed I was to hear that testimony and to see that witness in my household! These prayerful matters are so very important! God hears the prayers of His saints! God answers the prayers of His saints! Prayers go to the highest authority!

I love my wife and I'm thankful she depends on God the way she does. Also, every evening at mealtime we have prayer at the dinner table. Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus! I'm glad the Roehm family knows Him! I'm glad we can cast our cares on Him. I'm glad He provides! His eyes are upon us! He meets our needs! He takes care of His people. Glory!

No prayer request is to big or to small for the God of Creation. Sometimes when miracles happen, "It's because someone prayed!"

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