Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holy Hubert Lindsey (photos) preaching the "Open Air"...1970 Votex 1...Oregon

Brother Lindsey preached Christ in the "Open Air" in Oregon, 1970. This event was called "Vortex 1" that all of you must read about on the Internet. These were very tubulent years as alot was going on in the US. Christ sent Holy Hubert there for a win men and women to Christ! I was told by the man that gave me these photos that Holy Hubert greeted Huey Newton (an activist with the Black Panther movement) at this event with a hugh hug...full of love! Holy Hubert pointed fingers, preached Hell's Fire...but he also loved people enough to carry the Gospel of Christ to them. Hubert's Gospel was a Christ centered Gospel that impacted people tremendously and ministered in the Spirit. I have had people contact me that were "changed by Brother Lindey's ministry 40 years ago". What a testimony for Christ!

I've been personally advocating the theology and ministry of Holy Hubert Lindsey for 23 years. Brother Lindsey wanted his material out there. Him and I spoke about this often before he died! Brother Lindsey left behind his entire life of Theology and ministry in audio form that were preserved on audio cassettes by the hundreds. I have been transposing these to CD format and publishing on the Internet for years! Brother Lindsey also left behind books (the Kingdom series..a two volume set) that need to be re-published for the cause of the modern Church era is so mixed up and confused in theology. So much much much work to be done for Christ! These books I speak of are actually text books that teach people how to rightly divide the Holy Scriptures. Try to get them every way possible.

At the Churches on Trial Blog I currently am publishing Brother Lindsey's timeless teaching of holiness on audio/video. For the past 8 years I've been compiling information and writing about Hubert Lindsey and his ministry for Christ. It's been a beautiful experience as Iv'e met and corresponded with people all over this nation who were touched or impacted with Brother Lindsey's Gospel about the Lord Jesus Christ. I have actually heard from "many" who were touched by his preaching 40 years ago...and are still Christian today! Glory! What a testimony! What substance! What foundation!

For years I've been attempting to write a biography titled, "The Walking Bible" a documentary on Holy Hubert Lindsey. As God allows it will come together on time. I also posted these photos on the Holy Hubert Lindsey Facebook at the following link.

Holy Hubert Facebook group

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