Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hubert Lindsey's sanctification through the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire

Think about 35 years! That’s how long it was before Hubert was entirely sanctified! Not because sanctification is a gradual process but because of Hubert’s mindset and thinking held him back. Hubert was “wrapped up” in a wrong theology. He was taught wrong! He was falsely indoctrinated. When Hubert died to self he also buried the old Hubert and the old Hubert’s way of thinking! That very sanctifying experience took place 35 years after Hubert received the new birth. It was another miracle! It was an instantaneous act of God in Salvation that followed the new birth! Another Baptism took place years after Hubert Lindsey was saved. Something happened through a glimpse of Calvary. Hubert had been preaching Revival. The Spirit put an urge on his heart to prayerfully seek “more” of Christ during the Revival. Hubert testified that he died to all that he was that night. He stated the Holy Spirit came upon him and took complete control of everything that Hubert Lindsey ever was.

As a Baptist minister and like many other Baptists Hubert had always acknowledged the fact that man was forgiven in the new birth but sensed deep in his soul there was “more”. The more that Hubert experienced through the sanctifying work of the Spirit of God is what prompted Hubert Lindsey to preach so emphatically in the latter years of his ministry. That more from Christ is why this writer is writing about the life and times of Hubert Lindsey. There is “more” for the believer than the new birth! It’s called Entire sanctification! Hubert Lindsey taught it! The Church-world rejects the doctrine of Entire Sanctification but it’s very much scriptural. The baptism with the Holy Ghost is a scriptural baptism taught in the Acts of the Apostles. The same manifestation of the Spirit of God that took place on the day of Pentecost also took place in Brother Lindsey’s heart that night in the basement of the Methodist Church. That same manifestation takes place today!

The experience of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost was also revealed to this writer’s heart, but it was only 6 months after the new birth was received in November of 1987. The difference between this writer and Hubert Lindsey was this writer was taught about sanctification through the Baptism with the Holy Ghost! Learning of sanctification was taught to this writer soon after the salvation experience. God’s revelation and evidence of the Scripture showed this writer the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire was a baptism that purifies the heart of a believer (like the disciples of the Early Church) and not the sinner. This writer understands why Hubert so emphatically taught the doctrine of Entire Sanctification until he died. Hubert understood the riches of Entire Sanctification in the life of a believer. So do I! Faith comes by knowledge. Knowledge brings responsibility.

This writer still remembers Hubert’s faint yet authoritative words about Entire Sanctification as he preached to me from the nursing home. Hubert Lindsey taught Entire Sanctification until his deathbed because he realized this baptism is missed by so many Christians today. Hubert Lindsey was compelled to teach sanctification because of the lack of knowledge that stems from the erroneous teachings of denominationalism so rampant in this modern Church Age.

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