Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Calvinism refuted in the ministry of Holy Hubert

From a theological standpoint Hubert Lindsey was a converted Calvinist who became adamant against the teachings of John Calvin. This writer recalls an audio recording that Hubert made and titled, “Eternal Security” that's posted at this Blog...

The teaching on Eternal Security refuted Calvin’s once save always saved Theology and clarified “why” with overwhelming scriptural support. Hubert’s teaching on the doctrine of Eternal Security always conveyed a different slant than mainstream teaching on that subject. Hubert always clarified how men could “lose faith”... and “why” the once saved always saved doctrine is an erroneous teaching.

Hubert always used the Bible to prove why Christians are obedient to God. He could prove why Christians are to live the holy life after they give their heart to Christ. He also taught that man could lose faith and fall away from holiness and Eternal Salvation. He also explained how a man could be “delivered again” after “regaining” faith in Christ for Eternal Salvation. Hubert covered every scripture in the Bible concerning this subject with great detail. Who else could refute the doctrine of once saved always saved better than a man who had ignorantly taught it for 3 1/2 decades! Many times Hubert Lindsey regretfully stated, “If only I would have known back then what I know today”.

Hubert’s revelation of Divine Grace was made explanatory to the hearts of men by the Spirit of God. The reason Hubert’s preaching was life changing is because the ministry of the Holy Spirit was behind it with full thrust. Through revelation from Christ and not man, Brother Lindsey touched the hearts and lives of people in every walk of life, great and small, rich or poor, and good or evil. Hubert enlightened people with truth about God’s Grace and backed it with countless Bible verses. Hubert made the Bible clear and understandable but never compromised a Christian’s obligation to holy conduct or living without sin. Unlike Calvinists, Hubert believed, practiced, and taught that Christians could live without sin every day of their life in Christ. Hubert showed no allegiance to any denomination or man made doctrine.

Hubert never broke away from Calvinism until he was Sanctified Entire (in the late sixties), through the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. Calvinist’s do not believe in nor do they teach the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire as the purifying work of the Spirit of God that rids the believer from the fallen nature. Calvinist’s place more emphasis on Baptism as an act of obedience through immersion in water that’s performed by a preacher. Calvinists miss the instantaneous sanctifying work of the Spirit of God that rids the believer from the Adamic life. Most Calvinist’s do not understand the Pentecostal baptism that is performed by the Spirit of God today… like it was on the day of Pentecost. This Baptism (scripturally taught) and performed by Christ has no relation to immersion in water!

One of the things this writer remembers about Brother Lindsey is that he was not only a converted Calvinist but also a very humble and compassionate man in the Spirit of Truth. Hubert Lindsey honored the Sanctifying work of the Spirit of God very highly. Entire Sanctification was the essence of Hubert’s heart and life. Calvinism hindered Hubert from the blessed experience of Sanctification for many years of his early life in Christ. After sanctification through the Spirit was found by Brother Lindsey…Calvinistic theology went straight down the drain.

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