Friday, November 20, 2009

Hubert Lindsey's change from a denominational background after 35 years

In the early part of Brother Lindsey’s ministry he leaned to the Baptist persuasion. He taught the Calvinistic Theology of the predestination of a believer. As a Baptist minister Brother Lindsy made claim that he water baptized approximately 9000 people by immersion in the earlier part of his an act of obedience to Christ. His theology on Water Baptism also changed later in life...after his experience of Entire Sanctification. Although Hubert during the early part of his ministry taught holiness of heart and conduct he also followed the once saved always saved theology. As a Baptist Hubert evangelized around the World and established 11 local Churches. Among Hubert’s international travels were the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and Haiti. Within the United States Hubert Lindsey campaigned for Christ through the evangelistic work of tent meetings. During his days under the tent and in the open air Brother Lindsey was personally acquainted with Billy Sunday and Donald Barnhouse in the 50’s, Katherine Kulhman and Mordicai Ham in the 60’s, and others like and Billy Graham and John Osteen in 70’s.

Things didn’t settle right in Brother Lindsey’s Spirit life as a Baptist. He understood man’s enlightenment came in degree’s concerning consciousness to Christ’s divine presence, but questions still arose in his mind about an inner struggle that existed in the life of a believer. Hubert knew that Calvinism did not teach a Christian could be delivered from the Old Adam that exists in the life of a believer. For many years Brother Lindsey made claim he sought clarification from God concerning such matter. Thirty five years went by in his ministry to be exact! Hubert understood and realized the new birth and God’s power of Justification. That was as far as Brother Lindsey's Baptist theology took the Salvation experience. Something was lacking in Hubert’s heart, life, and understanding of the New Testament. God was revealing to Brother Lindsey there was more than the new birth and Justification by the Grace of God.

Something miraculous happened! Hubert had another glimpse of Calvary! Another experience in Salvation was revealed to Hubert Lindsey! God showed Hubert the work of the Holy Spirit in the human soul in light of the Sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. God confirmed to Hubert Lindsey that the Bible taught Entire Sanctification. Hubert had no evidence whatsoever that Entire sanctification that destroys the sinful nature had ceased at the Early Church as he was taught according to Baptist Theology. Hubert came to the realization that Sanctification was a work of the Spirit of God that followed Justification. He realized this Theology was very much for today in the present tense. He also realized that Justification dealt with the acts of sin committed; and Sanctification through the work of the Holy Spirit dealt with what man “is” by nature.

God gave Brother Lindsey another glimpse of Calvary that night. Through this glimpse was death. Death to the Old Hubert. Hubert fell on his face that night in the Methodist Church basement after preaching a Revival. God filled him and changed his thinking, his understanding of the Bible, and his complete theology. Nothing was ever the same in that ministry concerning denomination. Not long after this experience Christ sent Brother Lindsey to the West Coast where his ministry on Berkeley campus began for the glory of Christ!

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