Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preface to, "The Walking Bible" a biography of Hubert T. Lindsey

This biography is about a unique man of God who was known by many as the Walking Bible. He was a holiness preacher who at the age of 15 preached his first sermon only one day after he was saved. He preached five times the day after that, and seven times the day after that. What made this individual so unique was his passion to win men and women to Christ. He had a memory of the Bible that words find it hard to describe. At the age of 15 he memorized the entire New Testament and most of the Old Testament. His dedication to Christ was never taken lightly from the first day of his Salvation. He was an uncompromising believer in Christ and practiced “real” Christian living. He was a preacher that preached truth and holiness his entire life as an evangelist. He had unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit in Divine Judgment and in Divine Healings. His main objective in life was to get people to Salvation and holiness through the person of Christ that he ministered. For 7 decades he gave “all to Christ” by scattering Biblical Truth across the U.S. He helped multiplied thousands find forgiveness for their sins and Eternal Salvation through the person of Christ he preached. The Gospel was the center of this preacher’s heart, life, and message. His name is Hubert T. Lindsey. He was given the nickname “Holy” Hubert in the 60’s while preaching on a radical campus setting at Berkeley CA. You can go anywhere in this country in 2008 and you’ll meet people who knew Holy Hubert or were touched by his ministry.

Hubert Lindsey lived up to his nickname, “The Walking Bible”. He was a living Epistle known and read of all men. In God’s eyes Hubert was a servant for the Lord, a preacher of the Gospel, an evangelist for Christ, a minister of Biblical truth, a teacher of teacher’s, and an Apostle of the resurrection of Christ. In 1989 this writer personally asked Brother Lindsey about getting certified, or obtaining a license or a degree and Hubert stated back, “There are two titles spoken of in the Bible that man can obtain in this life; one is the new birth, and the second is to be sanctified holy. Read it in your Bible!” That was it. That was Hubert’s response. Straight from the Bible without opinion and no small talk! That was just one of many reasons why people could call Hubert Lindsey the Walking Bible.

From a denominational standpoint Hubert was a Baptist in the early part of his ministry. His theology for 35 years was based on the doctrine of once saved always saved. This theology however; was uprooted and changed after 35 years in the ministry. The reason for that conversion was that Hubert went beyond the new birth experience (a strict Baptist fundamental) and found the sanctifying work of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire like other men experienced on the day of Pentecost. Contrary to the Baptist school of thought Hubert’s experience of Entire Sanctification through the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire took place decades after his initial salvation. Sanctification through the work of the Holy Spirit revolutionized Hubert’s thinking, his Baptist theology and his future ministry for Christ.

Hubert’s knowledge of the Bible after the experience of sanctification through the Holy Ghost allowed him to understand there was more than the outer work of speaking in unknown tongues like many Pentecostals believe and practice. Hubert realized there was also an inner work that took place that delivered the believer from a still existing carnal heart that many believers struggle with their entire Christian life. From Hubert’s renewed perspective of Salvation the sanctifying experience of the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire was “full Salvation” for this believer in Christ. The experience of Entire Sanctification is confirmed throughout all the New Testament Epistles. Entire Sanctification became a major focal point in Hubert’s ministry for Christ, his theological teachings, and his preaching of the Gospel. Brother Lindsey did confess however; he witnessed signs, wonders, and miracles wrought by Christ his entire life in the ministry, even in the early years of his ministry before he experienced and understood the Holy Spirit’s work of Entire Sanctification.

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