Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Christian "Hello" to all from the Churches on Trial...

Good morning and God bless from Rick Roehm...

To all who read...

Behind this Blog is the person of Christ who changes man morally, delivers man from sin, and restores man to a state of holiness.

Behind this Blog is a Living Christ who teaches us to be the men and women that He intended us to be.

Behind this Blog is not only Christ who died at Calvary...but an enthroned Christ who ever liveth to make intersession for us.

He's there to meet our needs and to bring us out of every problem of life. Keep your eyes on Christ the problem solver...not your problems.

I love all of you in the Lord.

Don't let anyone or any Devil tell you that we can't be "true" to the God of our Salvation. Stay true and bring honor to an enthroned Christ. Be a represenative for Him and tell the world that He's alive in all power...not only in Heaven...but also here on Earth.

Behind this writer is the Christ that changed me in 1987. Behind this writer is the Christ that I put first in life...even above my wife and children. Behind this writers life is a Christ that I serve with all my mind, will, and strength....

God Bless have to go to work...Love you all. Thanks for your support.

Rick Roehm
7:00 am Wed.

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