Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Truth that prevails...People affected by Brother Lindsey's ministry...30-40 years ago

There are numerous people across the nation who was affected by Hubert Lindsey’s ministry for Christ. In 2002… a dear brother in Nashville, Tennessee by the name of John Alvarez told me while riding in his vehicle at work one day he was listening to one of Brother Lindsey’s audio recordings. He stepped out of the vehicle to speak with a gentleman about something work related and the gentleman overheard an audio playing in John’s player. The gentleman asked John who the preacher was and John replied, “Hubert Lindsey”. The gentleman responded, “Holy Hubert? I remember him preaching on campus in 1969 when I was attending college at Berkeley”. That gentleman remembered Hubert Lindsey and his Gospel message for Christ for almost 40 years! Ironically you can go anywhere in the U.S. and meet people that knew Brother Lindsey and his preaching endeavors! Hearts were changed by his ministry for Christ! Lives were changed by the power of the Gospel! Hubert’s preaching impacted people for the cause of Christ for 72 years!

Since then this writer has become acquainted with people from every corner of the United States. That includes people from the East Coast to the West Coast from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada that were made conscious to Christ through Brother Lindsey’s endeavors to preach Christ. I personally recall a couple… in Odessa TX. I became acquainted with by the name of Howard and Lee Mills. They met Hubert and his wife Phoebe in the 70’s when Hubert was traveling from Berkeley to Dallas. Hubert gave the Mills’ family one of his preaching tapes that he had recorded in the earlier part of his ministry. In 2005 the Mills family contacted this writer from the Internet to obtain Hubert’s complete set of audio teachings. The Mills’ received Brother Lindsey’s teaching audios however; they still had the old original cassette that Brother Lindsey recorded and left with them while passing through Odessa in the 70’s. I was so blessed by that occurrence.

There are many factors that made Brother Lindsey’s ministry so affective for Christ but the one that sticks out most is the fact that Hubert was in the ministry for the cause of Christ and nothing else. Hubert wasn’t in it for personal gain, or for the money, for the glory, or for a worldly position. Hubert was in it to get men to Christ and that’s all. He was in it to teach men the truth about Christ…and for no other reason!

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