Monday, April 6, 2009

Original Sin and Doubt (audio)...a study about the fallen nature of man and how to get rid of it

This in depth teaching about the "fallen nature" of man is the most thorough teaching this writer has ever encountered in 21 years. This audio contains a wealth of scriptural evidence that brings understanding to anyone who studies the Bible. This study magnifies the person of Christ by proving what the really Bible teaches about the sinful nature of man ...and how Christ can rid man of his "inherited propensity".

This audio on Original sin and doubt teaches the conquest and victory that can only be found in a living Christ. It's an inspirational teaching concerning the truth about the Word of God. It's an encouragement and blessing to anyone who desires the truth behind the Word of God. May its great worth bless you the listener as much as it has the writer of this Blog.

I thank God for these posts, for Brother Lindsey's audio recordings, and for the spare time God provides this writer with to "revive and re-publish" this great wealth of knowledge. It's these kind of teachings that inspire men to dig deeper into a Spirit filled relationship with Christ and the power of His resurrection.

Brother Lindsey wanted this knowledge "scattered" throughout the World. The Internet is now making that request possible.

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