Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Glimpse of Hell...(audio) by Brother Hubert Lindsey

This audio on the truth about "Hell"was originally a sermon at the Church of Birmingham in Birmingham Mi. where Brother Lindsey served as a pastor of that local body for several years. During that time all the Church services and Bible studies were recorded for preservation of the Gospel that Brother Lindsey preached. I hope to re-publish all of Brother Lindseys teachings as time and God both allow.

Brother Lindsey always proclaimed that modern day preachers have gotten away from teaching the truth about Hell's Fire and Divine Judgment. Both subjects are taught in the Bible and were also taught by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

Brother Lindsey goes in depth to describe the "inner tortures" of Hell on this audio. This audio is truely an eye opener as it brings men to an accountability to God...before death. Examine the following to find out the truth about "Eternal Damnation" on the following audio.

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