Friday, March 6, 2009

The revived "Churches on Trial" radio broadcast (audio)...with "Holy" Hubert Lindsey

The following reproduction of the Churches on Trial radio broadcast comes to this Blog by the Grace of God. It was God's will to bring Brother Lindsey's Gospel message to Detroit in 1987. It is God's will to revive this message by taking it to all the world over the internet on this Christian Blog. May the minstry of the Holy Spirit bless you the listener and viewer as much as it has this writer. Since the following show was the "first" show aired it has a lengthy introduction..afterwards Brother Lindsey get's into subjects like : Who are cults; The Roman Church; praying to Mary; Water Baptism; sowing and reaping; how to get rid of the "old man"; and so much more. May the word of Truth minster to your heart.

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