Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another reason behind the Churches on Trial...a new Christian Blog

After the Churches on Trial (radio broadcast) was birthed and aired for a while over radio waves, people began learning more and more about the Bible. The show consisted of Biblical questions (from the public) and answers (given by Hubert Lindsey the Walking Bible) and stirred people to "study the Bible more". It taught the listener how to rightly divide the word of God. It taught the listener how to not depend on the opinions of men, or the traditions passed down from the grandparents. The truth and ministry in the Spirit that came forth on that show would not allow "imaginations of men to run wild" and there was no "sensationalism". It was plain and simple Bible Truth and the Spirit of God was behind it! Why? All honor and glory was given to the person of Christ! It was ordained by God to get men and women back to the Bible. It took man out of the picture and got people to Christ!

This writer was incarcerated at the time he was introduced to Brother Lindsey's ministry and the Churches on Trial. I was a new believer in Christ with a hungry heart to learn the Word of God and God knew that. The miracle was a "convict in the world" was "converted" by the Grace of God that Brother Lindsey preached about. I trusted Brother Lindsey's preaching as I took notes and studied closely, what was taught. The Churches on Trial compelled me to study the Bible, it compelled me to add to the knowledge that any new convert to Christ would have. Hubert's ministry over the radio showed me what the Bible really taught and who Christ really is! I didn't just take Hubert Lindsey's word for it, I became conscious. I took notes. I studied. I pondered. I researched. I digested...and it all paid off. Brother Lindsey never let me down...and neither did the Christ I serve. Christ put Brother Lindsey and his preaching across my path. Here's the testimony how Brother Lindsey impacted this writer's life.

I met Hubert Lindsey from the Churches on Trial radio broadcast in 1988. I finished my incarceration in 1997. I left Michigan with Christ in my heart to revive and restore a marriage and a family that I had lost because of a life of sin and disobedience to God. Christ paid off as Hubert always instructed me that He would do! I'm glad to testify today in 2009 that Brother Lindsey and his ministry for Christ.. did not let this preacher down. As a matter of fact it IMPACTED me enough to save a marriage, build a Church, and today this writer also does the work of the ministry. Halleluia...Christ restored my marriage, he blesses my family, and compels me to do the work of the ministry ... at the Church He compelled me to build! It's called the "Upper Room". It's a place of service for Christ! It's a place where I continue the foundational teachings of Brother Lindsey and carry on his ministry for Christ. It's a place where the Spirit of of God has compelled me to write this... Christian Blog.

May the Christ I serve bless your lives as much as He has this writer. God Bless! Don't forget...if you have a Biblical question...ASK! I'll get you a Biblical answer.

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