Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prelude to the Rapture, "Now in this present Age"

As the closing of this present Age draws near, God is saving and preparing the hearts of men and women around the globe. As most of us know Salvation of the human soul only comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other way to find forgiveness for your sins. The prelude of the Rapture is the sign of the times, "Now in this present Age". People are waxing more cold and more callous to the truth about Christ. Look around! Sexuality is becoming more perverted in our youth. Drugs, Divorce, Alcohol, and gambling are so socially acceptable that there is no turning back for the masses. This type of immorality has become a way of life for multitudes of people around the globe. Religious activity is rampant without the "work of the Holy Spirit" or "forgiveness of sins granted by God through Christ".

Its obvious! According to the Bible the curtain will come down in these "latter days". When the curtain comes down the Church goes "up" in the Rapture. When the curtain comes down the ministry of God's Wrath and Judgment will begin to take place upon the Earth. The Church will be gone. God's Mercy will be gone. The Holy Spirit will be gone. Why? In the Rapture of the Church, The Holy Spirit and the members of Christ's body will "escape" this beginning of Satan's Kingdom on Earth. All of Christ's blessed body goes up to meet with Him in the air, in the twinkling of an eye then the AntiChrist under the dominion of Satan will "step in" and all of Hell will break loose on Earth.

This is why the Church "now" is ready with Redemption, Salvation, and Holiness of heart. Being a member of "the Church now" means the heart is clean and prepared for the "upward calling of the Rapture of the Church". Then God shall sound the "last trump" and the curtain will come down. The members of Christ's body (a holy people) will escape. Make note that all the ungodliness and immorality going on around you are only signs of the Prelude of the Rapture. According to John's Revelation we are in the final and last Age which is a miniature picture of the Church of the Laodicians. A self sufficient Church increased with goods and in need of nothing...accept one thing? The clean heart made clean by Christ Jesus.

Give all attention to a Savior. Be ready for the curtain coming down my Brothers and Sisters. Make sure on a minute by minute basis that every sin in your heart is forgiven and God will take you out of the unbelieving world in the Rapture of the Church. You don't want to miss the Rapture when Satan and the Antichrist step in and reign Earth for seven years! Without the Church! Without the Holy Spirit! Without the mercy of God that sinners have now in this Church age. Without mercy Satan's crowd will run over you. Tribulation and Wrath will come upon the Earth that's beyond human imagination or comprehension.

At present we are in the Prelude of the Rapture. Keep your eyes on Christ and be ready for the "upward call".

I have written numerous Blogs on this subject. I have written since the origin of this Blog. I also write at other Blogs for the edification of God's Children around the globe. Search Rick Roehm or Churches on Trial for further Theological study. I admit Theology will not make the heart clean but the clean heart can have a deeper knowledge and a deeper faith "prepared" for when God takes the Church out in the Rapture. Make sure you are among that number of people that will escape the Judgment of an angry God during the beginning of Satan's dominion.

Be ready! Make sure where you stand minute by minute! To be a child of God is easy. When Christ comes in, sin goes out! That simple. Walk in the Spirit every moment and be blessed with the Christian experience of a clean heart. God Bless all of you! With love! Be ready for the Rapture!

God's preparation for the Rapture and the AntiChrist revealed

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