Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Churches on Trial"... appreciates your participation... and we love you

God 's mighty hand is upon this ministry and the scriptural teaching we publish on this site...for the cause of Christ.

God's blessing is upon our Brethren in Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Malaysia, Israel, Egypt, India, China, Colombia, England, Spain, Europe, Singapore and many other countries that come to this site.  God has helped this minister to systematically lay out the content of this site and provided us means for a library of Biblical Truth for future study of God's Word. We are a blessed and thankful people.   As we close the year of 2014 we keep our hearts prepared and ready at all times for the return of Christ.  Thank you for coming to this site and sharing it with others.  God knows the needs more than we can ask or think.   Grace and peace be upon you all from the author and publisher of this Blog. I love all of you. I'm thankful that you can use this library for the glory of Christ.   Learn it. Live it. Witness it. Commit it,  to other faithful men and women that God puts across your path. Let Christ be known around the world. Glory!  

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