Thursday, May 2, 2013

The soul and spirit of man. Eternally existent.

The human make-up of man's being consists of three parts: body, soul, and spirit.

The body is the physical make-up of man's being; the soul is the mental make-up and the power of man's being that chooses and decides; and the spirit is the eternal existence of man's being.

 The soul and spirit of man never die. Both the soul and spirit are eternally existent. The mind and conscience which stem from these two parts of man's being will never die. Both are eternal. Will man remember his past in Heaven; or in Hell? Yes. Reason? The mind and conscience of man never ceases to exist. Even after the body is buried and goes back into dust. Both the soul and spirit, are eternally existent with thinking, memories, and consciousness to eternity.

The unsaved soul will be tormented in Hell for eternity. The saved soul will have perfect peace in Heaven with Christ for eternity. Since Calvary... all the saints of God that have died with redemption found in Christ... have experienced eternal life in Heaven with Christ. Of course all those who have died without redemption have experienced eternal death in the torments of Hell's Fire.

If you ever wondered about the physical body in physical death? The the physical body goes back to the dust of the earth. The physical make-up of man's being is "glorified by the Grace of God" like Christ's body was glorified after His death on the cross. Scriptures teach Christ was glorified and had flesh and bones (without blood), ate fish and honey, and even showed the pierce marks in His hands. Luke 24, Philippians 3 

The glorified man (body, soul, and spirit) spiritually unites with Christ in Heaven awaiting return to earth to establish the promised Kingdom of Heaven. When Christ returns a second time all the saints of God will be with Him as it is written. Zechariah 14, 1 Thess. 3, Jude

Heaven is an eternal place where there are many mansions. Christ resides in Heaven now. Jesus called Heaven paradise. Paradise is found in eternity where time does not exist. It's termed as the city of the living God in Hebrews 12. All the souls and saints of God are there now. These who return with Christ to earth are worthy to reign with Christ as Kings and Priests for a thousand years. Then Heaven comes down from above and takes over the earth. Time ceases to exist.

All redeemed souls are eternally blessed and have the contentment of the Christian life on earth before they die. After they die the soul and spirit of man thus resides in Heaven with the enthroned Christ until Christ returns a second time...with all His redeemed saints.

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