Sunday, May 12, 2013

Keep the Bible in proper context

By keeping the Bible in context you are "rightly dividing the Word of Truth". Right division of the Bible allows you to learn, develop a strong faith in Christ, and eliminate future confusion. Much confusion comes from not learning the Bible in proper context. Confusion hinders the child of God from building a good basis of faith. Thus the spiritual walk with God can be shipwrecked, erred from, or departed from due to frustration...caused from confusion. Learn the Bible in context. Learn about Jew and Gentile. Learn about Law and Grace. Learn about the Church and Israel. By doing such you will do yourself a favor and the Holy Spirit will reveal, enlighten, and bring understanding to your mind and thinking process. The Bible will never mislead you unless it's taken out of proper context. Above all things meditate the Word, study various periods of time and how they apply to the Church and/or Israel, learn about Christ and don't mix everything up. Eliminate possible confusion. Give no place to the Devil. Keep you mind, soul, and strength Christ centered. Learn to rightly divide God's Word by keeping it in context. The Holy Spirit will teach you and confirm "truth" you your soul. Eliminate the author of confusion the Devil...and let Jesus be the author and finisher of your faith. Every eye on Him. All your trust in Him. Learn what God said and is saying about Christ. Use the Word right. Be thankful for a privilege the world doesn't have. Be blessed from keeping the Bible in proper context. Lifetime homework assignment!

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