Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lighting fires for Jesus

Lighting fires for the Lord is a good Christ centered work. How beautiful are the feet of them that bring good news about Christ! The good news brings "fire" to the heart and life of people who hear about who Jesus is. The preacher lights the fire and God kindles the flame. Jesus is like a  refiner's fire who purges man from all dross. The Holy Ghost and fire burns in the hearts of men revealing Christ in person and in power. The messenger reveals Christ and stirs the human soul. Then sanctifying fire from God burns and purifies man from things that are not of God.Preachers light fires but the Holy Ghost brings purity to the soul, through fire from Heaven. May the fire from the Spirit of God everlastingly burn hot...purging and purifying man from all that's undone. Glory to God in the highest as the fire from the Holy Ghost burns hot within the human soul. Glory to God in the highest in the face of Christ.

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