Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blessed week-end of reunion and revival for the Churches on Trial

As I traveled 350 miles North this past week end to the state of Michigan I had the wonderful privilege to preach, fellowship, and meet with the original founder of the Churches on Trial radio broadcast. This gentleman was Jim Elsman who had a vision many years ago to publicize and offer Bible "answers" to the general public in Detroit. The Churches on Trial was very popular radio broadcast in Michigan in the late 1980's. It is also what prompted this writer to originate this Blog... 3 1/2 years ago and continue a ministry which today goes in the Spirit via Internet around the globe.

The original Churches on Trial was a call in talk show in Detroit Michigan that allowed Brother Hubert Lindsey much, much air time with the public ...to provide Bible answers for callers with questions concerning the issues of life. The Bible was the only authority used to provide these answers. Jim Elsman was a lawyer who hosted the show and mediated public calls to Brother Lindsey for Biblical answer and clarification. Thousands of people were blessed by the ministry with rich Bible Truth.

After having an invitation to preach Sunday at Alpine Valley Church in Highland Michigan, Pastor Jim Denton also invited Jim Elsman to visit the service. When I came to Michigan I visited with and also invited Brother Bryan Harley to come to Alpine Valley for the service. Jim Elsman and Bryan Harley were both acquainted with Hubert Lindsey in earlier years through the Churches on Trial radio broadcast and the local Church in Birmigham where Brother Lindsey pastored.

We all joined at Alpine Valley Church Sunday in the Spirit and rejoiced in the Lord! The service was anointed and filled with the Spirit of God. A reunion was made between men of God who were separated by miles and time...but God made a way for reunion and revival. The fire was re-ignited! Christ was honored and magnified! We all had lunch together at the Church afterwards. What a fellowship! What a joy Divine! Worth sharing at the Churches on Trial Blog which is a continuation of something God created 25 years ago and still lives today through men of God that care. That care I mention...about a ministry that God established 25 years ago, is still carried on today.

The Churches on Trial is still reaching people and teaching people God's Word. The Churches on Trial is here to solidify and to establish men with a good foundation of faith in Christ. This ministry lives because God is behind it with authority! His touch is still enough to save souls and His truth is still enough to fortify people's faith in Christ. That's why the Churches on Trial continues. God is with us. His fellowship helps us to help others. We love you. Thank you for stopping by the Churches on Trial. We're here for you...by the love of Christ.

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