Monday, July 2, 2012

The reason why God's peace passes all human understanding

The human intellect is puny in comparison to the intellect of God. Peace comes into the liberated soul of a believer in Christ from the person of Christ. This peace has nothing to do with mans thinking or what man understands in any fashion. Only the supremacy of the person of Christ can liberate the soul of fallen man from the bondage of the Adamic Nature. Man can't figure out peace from God with his own mental process, nor can he find out how to achieve peace from God with his brain. God's peace passes "all" human understanding. Only God through the person of Christ can provide inner peace to the heart and soul of man.

Peace is also considered soul rest in the Bible. Soul rest is when the entire make-up and the entire character of fallen man is revolutionized and morally changed by the power of of Jesus Christ. Soul rest comes from God Almighty, not from human intellect or human reasoning. God provides perfect peace for the child of God. Peace with God from the outside, inner peace with yourself, and personal peace with the world around you. Peace comes upon the child of God when the Prince of Peace...Jesus Christ morally changes the heart of this believer. Human understanding is not involved with the peace of God.

Philippians 4:7... And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus

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  1. Amen and amen, brother Rick from the Heartland. This is brother David from Gillette. Peace and grace be multiplied unto you, dear brother!

    I am going to share with you what God had me write earlier today in my heart-it is called Ignoring His Truth.

    Ignoring His Truth has dire consequences. Being separated from God for eternity. Following the lies of religion and being united to the whore of Babylon and continuing to sin, with the false assumption that God loves you just as you are while walking in wickedness, thing that you are saved.
    Repentance is not a suggestion. Walking in His commandments and obeying His truth-for by grace are you saved and not of works, lest you should boast-God forbids sinning. Grace is not to be spit upon. Grace is not a license to continue sinning and chasing after the world and following every wind of false doctrine.
    Saying a simple "sinner's prayer" is not being saved. He will not hear the wicked. God's word says to repent-and be baptized for the remission of sins-baptized by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Water baptism does not a saved person create. It is symbolic of Jesus death burial and resurrection. Same goes with the accursed sacraments. Read Galatians 1:6-9 of the stern warning of following other doctrines which are not of Christ.
    Hell and hellfire are not just the common grave. That is false. There is no purgatory-there is no escaping eternal damnation, destruction-the fiery furnace where the worm never dies and is outer darkness and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Eternal torments-eternal punishment-why-because God is eternal and will always hate sin. Therefore the wrath of God remains and abides in those who reject the love of His Truth forever!! Read Jude verse 7 and also Luke 16:19-31, amongst many verses on very real eternal punishment-Jesus preached this over and over again.
    Pick up your cross daily and follow Him-hate your life. And know that divided kingdom will fail-Luke 11:17-18. Pull away from the false denominations and let Jesus truly set you free. For this is the day of your salvation, for you do not know the day of your death. Behold, He comes as a thief in the night-watch-He says.
    Stop softening His Holy Word.He who does not hate his family or his very life and follow Jesus cannot be His disciple. Hate means just that-hate. It does not simply mean love Jesus more than them.
    We are to love the Lord with all our heart, minds might and soul and love our neighbors as ourselves, he who shows mercy.
    God is not your "daddy" nor is Jesus your "homeboy." He Is your Lord and Savior. He is your friend as long as you do His will. He is not some pal you can just high 5 to. He Is God. He Is your Creator-Holy, sovereign pure and true-to be feared.
    Preach the whole Gospel of His Truth and repent this day.
    God bless you richly brother Rick and keep on shining for the glory of the Lord!
    Brother David