Saturday, June 30, 2012

Constant Victory

Many do not believe Christ can give "constant victory in everyday life" but this writer does. Constant victory is everyday victory where nothing in life defeats you. God made you a winner! God's greatest miracle has converted the sinner...but yet another miracle comes forth. It's called constant victory...not just victory at the altar on Sunday's asking God's forgiveness...but victory over the lust of the flesh in your daily walk with Christ. Victory over the Devil and his snares, in your daily walk with Christ! Victory over temptations that come from every your daily walk with Christ! Victory daily with Christ is a beautiful life and can be constant! Even victory over the world which so many fall in love with. I write about constant victory my Brothers and Sisters! Glory! Victory that Christ provides like deliverance from sin...not forgiveness. Victory over the powers of darkness...because you're constantly walking in the light as He is in the light. More than a conqueror. Resisting the Devil and watching the Devil flee. Constant victory is when the wicked one touches you not...How? A child of God knows how to "keep himself"...A child of God has power to do right. God-given power from the power of Salvation. Constant victory that provides a way for man to "deny" ungodliness and worldly lusts. Constant victory that "gives man Grace" to live soberly and righteous in the present world. Constant victory is ours and not to be confused with the mindset of constant defeat...that's "drilled" into people's thinking even from behind our pulpits today. Christ is more than enough to give "constant victory" to you. The Bible says so! It's proven in the Scriptures. God says so! I agree! I received because I believe in Christ and nothing in life can defeat this writer! Not even the sting of death because the grave is just another... "victory in Jesus". Constant victory for you is a blessing of the power of God's Grace. The power of Salvation is not to be limited to just asking for forgiveness all the time. The power of Salvation can give you constant victory with the same power the rose Christ from the grave. Glory. I speak of constant victory from Christ the living Savior! Present tense victory over sin that keeps man from the mindset of believing God excuses your future sins because He don't. I admit men can and do fall but the Bible says God can keep you from falling also! Read it! I like that kind of language because it speaks of constant victory. It speaks of a living Christ and power of His Grace that gives man "victory, victory, victory"... in the present tense. Constant victory is where you can be a winner everyday of your life in Christ!

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