Friday, June 27, 2014

If you want a complete Bible Theology you can find it at this site...

We are going the third year at the Churches on Trial Blog for Christ. Glory! Much has been accomplished for the cause of Christ. Our endeavors to "revive" the ministry of the late Hubert T. Lindsey a man sent by Christ, is now going around the globe. Christ is being glorified in Brother Lindsey's teachings! Also you can find a complete Bible Theology in these timeless studies. Why? Because Brother Lindsey covers every aspect the Bible for those who desire to further their knowledge in the Scriptures.

For those of you who wonder why this site is called the Churches on Trial. The reason is we preach and teach straight Bible Truth and do not conform to denominational teachings. Our intent is to reach men for Christ and rightly divide the Holy Scriptures. We encourage people to depend on Christ and the truth of the Bible. Sometimes these teachings stir certain doctrinal positions or Church bodies. Our intent is to teach Bible Truth the way its written for your edification. By doing such we tear down walls of false indoctrination, and  fortify those who are studious for Christ.

Sometimes this puts other Churches or Church bodies on Trial, or brings them to a reckoning of Truth. Our desire is to let God's Will be done. Thanks for stopping by and growing with us in the Grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We love you. God Bless you. Much more to come in the year of 2012. Don't forget to check out the latest YouTube videos created and posted by a dear Brother in Chicago who loves God and this ministry. Check out the link below for the latest in great Bible Theology.

Dr. Hubert T. Lindsey... YouTube videos

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