Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spiritual Gifts are given (in local bodies) to manifest Christ, the Head of the Church

Within this great body of Christ that reaches around the globe Christ ordains the local house of faith in each one of our geographic locations. Within these local bodies God sets in Elders to rule and govern each local body. In the midst Christ is the Head and the truth of His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Men of God and leaders in these local bodies are subject to the directive of Christ through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit. Christ is the center of attraction. Christ is the one who the Holy Spirit reveals. Christ is the one who gets all the glory.

The manifestation of the gifts spoken of in 1 Cor. 12:1-11 are gifts that manifest the operation of a living Christ. These gifts of the Holy Spirit did not cease in the Early Church and there is no evidence in the Bible to declare such ideal. Christ is the same today from the Throneroom as He was when He walked the earth. He is the head of all things and by Him all things exist. His gifts manifest according to His Divine will and His Divine purpose.

When gifts from God manifest in the local body the turbines in Heaven generate power above human intelligence and human comprehension. The manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit are something that God does. God divides severally as He will. “Not man”. These gifts bring glory to Christ the Head… and magnify His name above all names. If man got the glory for gifts(instead of Christ) man would become, “puffed up with pride”.

The word “power” in Greek is dunamis. Dunamis is the root word for dynamo which simply means something that generates power. The power of God is manifested as God releases the generation of power from Heaven within the manifestation of these 9 gifts mentioned in 1 Cor. 12:1-11.

WORD OF KNOWLEDGE: A word or message of God’s divine knowledge revealed to the human being.

WORD OF WISDOM: A word or message of God’s divine wisdom revealed to the human being.

DISCERNING OF SPIRITS: A divine revelation to the human being as to whether certain utterances or behaviours are of God, of man, or of the powers of darkness.

GIFTS OF HEALING: A supernatural dimension of healing is manifested to heal physical, emotional or spiritual infirmities.

MIRACLES: An impossibility becomes a reality through the intervention of God.

FAITH: A temporary extra measure of faith, which God adds to a Christian’s, own faith, to give the necessary confidence to carry out God’s will at a particular time.

PROPHECY: Proclaiming a message of divine truth revealing God’s will.

TONGUES (PUBLIC UTTERANCE): A public proclamation of words in a spiritual language that God understands.

INTERPRETATION OF TONGUES: A response to the public utterance of tongues which can either give an explanation of the general meaning of the words previously spoken in a spiritual language or God’s answer to those words.

These gifts are manifested in local bodies to magnify Christ. Men are to bring honor to Christ, the head of the Church. Glory to Christ! He’s exalted! He’s alive. His gifts in the local bodies are to bring glory to Him! Honor Him! Be subject to Him! Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…therefore glorify Him in your body and spirit which are His. His realities of truth and power (based on His Word) are for beyond human intellect, ideals, or reasoning.

He divides these gifts severally as He will.

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