Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Church Government...Hubert T. Lindsey...(4 CD's)

The following set of players contains a 4 CD teaching about New Testament Church Government.

1. Apostles
2. Bishops
3. Elders
4. Women

This beautiful series of teaching audios by Brother Lindsey uses the Bible as a vast reference tool to substantiate all validity that Apostles, Bishops, Elders, and Women have their place in our present day ministry according to New Testament Church Government. I once heard Brother Lindsey state that he wished he would have taught this material many years earlier in his ministry.

Never-the-less these timeless teachings on Biblical Holiness and New Testament Church Government are now able to be publicized to all open ears around the world for the cause of Christ. May the Spirit of Holiness that raised Christ from the grave, minister truth to all who give an open ear to this teaching.

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