Thursday, January 20, 2011

Commentary on Water Baptism...Hubert T. Lindsey...(4 CD's)

This commentary by Hubert T. Lindsey on the subject of Water Baptism is the most thorough and exhaustive commentary you will ever find in our modern religious Age. It's contents are condensed from (4) audio recordings collected over a period of 70 years and placed onto (4) separate audio players that are now published on the Internet for edification of the body of Christ. Each audio player contains a wealth of Biblical knowledge in each one hour setting... but the overall study (4 hours) on Water Baptism is not complete unless you review all four one hour audio segments.

The foundation of Water Baptism comes from the laws of purification taught in the the Old Testament records. Having been tutored by a Jewish Rabbi for 15 years Brother Lindsey is able to unfold and explain with clarity the many reasons why so many denominations go separate directions on the how, when, and why Water Baptism in our modern Age. Brother Lindsey uses the Greek Text of the Bible to define the many various modes of Water Baptism. Distinction will be made between the Spirit's Baptism into Christ, The Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire in sanctification, and various modes of water Baptism performed by men, like sprinkling, pouring, immersion, for remission of sins, public confession, infant baptism for removal of Original Sin, etc.

Enjoy your study that is easily available for in length and in depth review. Take all the time you want to study this teaching. May the Spirit of God minister truth and confirmation to your heart and soul about the Blessing of God's Grace and Bible truth about Water Baptism. Thanks for stopping by the Churches on Trial Blog. It is a blog dedicated to Brother Hubert Lindsey and his life as a servant and minister for Christ.

Water Baptism (1)
Water Baptism (2)
Water Baptism (3)
Water Baptism (4)

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