Thursday, November 10, 2011

To our Christian Brethren around the Globe...

The Bible teaches us we can live holy and have a clean heart because Christ changes the heart of man with His saving Grace.

"If" we sin we have and Advocate (Jesus) with the Father. We can confess our sins to Him. He will cleanse and forgive...and restore us to right-standing with God.

The Bible teaches us to turn from sin and to accept Christ. This is repentance that comes "before" we accept Christ...not afterwards.

Christians do not pray to those who are dead. Christians pray to the living God who hears and answers our prayers. Necromancy is communication with the dead. Necromancy is a sin against God according to the Bible.

There is liberty in the Spirit of God. Grace gives...the Law demands.

Enjoy your walk with Christ. Do it in the Spirit...not in the flesh. Glorify Him in body and Spirit. You're His.

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