Saturday, November 12, 2011

Three types of people and three types of struggle

1. The sinner...without Christ; disobedient; in total rebellion to the presence of God; out of harmony.

2. The believer in Christ...forgiven, back into sin, forgiven, back into sin...etc. Without victory; has an inner conflict between the divine nature and the carnal. A civil war is in his members. Doubt interferes with his faith. He's up and down, in and out, back and forth, wants salvation, and wants the world. He struggles with his relationship with God. Worldly sorrow, not godly sorrow from wrongdoing. Double minded and unstable. Easy prey to temptation. Out of harmony. Uncontrolled by the Spirit.

3. The believer in Christ...repentant, forgiven, God conscious, morally obligated, obedient to God, holiness of character, strong in faith, victorious over the world, flesh, and the Devil; Sold on the Christian experience; Avoids or overcomes situations that can quench or grieve the Holy Spirit. Not easy prey to temptation. Avoids ungodliness. Obedient to the presence of God. In harmony with God. Controlled by the Holy Spirit. Single-minded and stable.

Three types of struggle...

1. What man can do to obtain salvation, works, human effort, not trusting God's divine Grace
2. Inner conflict, war in the members, conflict between the flesh and the Spirit
3. World pressures, weights, problems of life…outer circumstances

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