Friday, September 2, 2011

What does the Churches on Trial mean?

The origin of the radio broadcast (which this site was named from) was a call in talk show that took Biblical questions that were answered by Brother Lindsey who was a guest on the show. The moderator was Jim Elsman a Lawyer in Detroit Mi. The show and the Biblical answers it provided actually put many local Churches on Trial. Why? Biblical answers given by Brother Lindsey revealed hidden truths that many denominations don't adhere to. Truth reveals. Truth removes the cloak of sin. Truth shows how many denominational are just short of the mark.

This site that contains many of the teachings and recordings that Brother Lindsey made still puts many local Churches on Trial today. It causes people to examine the Holy Scriptures more closely. It reveals truth from the Bible that many people overlook or dodge in this modern era.

The Churches on Trial is a God ordained continuation of the ministry that Brother Lindsey left behind. Today that ministry goes around the globe bringing glory and honor to Christ around the world. There are many hungry people in the world today that want to know Christ and the truth of the Holy Scriptures. The Churches on Trial does just that. We bring forth Bible Truth without compromise or denominational sway.

Our purpose is to magnify Christ in an unbelieving world. The Churches on Trial means truth without bias. The Churches on Trial means learning the Bible in context. The Churches on Trial means the ministry of Holy Hubert didn't die. The Churches on Trial means a lot more people desire to know the Truth about what the Scriptures really teach.

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