Friday, September 9, 2011

Enjoy the Churches on Trial audio and video library of Hubert T. Lindsey

This Blog originated in Feb. of 2009. It is a Blog written and authored by Rick Roehm a man of God discipled under the ministry of Hubert T. Lindsey. This writer has endeavored by the Grace of God to keep Brother Lindsey's ministry, preaching, and theology, alive and in the present tense. Brother Lindsey left many teaching audios recorded for the cause of Christ. Google, Wordpress, Facebook, Sermon Net, and other social media groups have assisted in keeping this ministry alive. At this site I publish the past Evangelistc Services, Radio Broadcasts, and Church Services where Brother Lindsey ministered and compiled for future listening. This ministry is not in it for financial profit but for the Salvation of Souls and edification to those who are saved. The time invested in this site and other sites as well for the furtherance of Brother Lindsey's ministry is given by men who love God and cherish what Brother Lindsey left behind for the cause of Christ. God made the way for us to do his will. We find time to do such. Thank you for stopping by the Churches on Trial, a Blog written, maintained, and published in dedication to Hubert T. Lindsey. A complete Theology is offered at this site and lifetime of study material. Surf around the site and enjoy! Appreciate you stopping by.

Rick Roehm

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