Monday, June 20, 2011

A revival message that can never die...Hubert T. Lindsey... (6 audios of 10)

The following (6) audios were recorded at a Florida Revival meeting in 1985 and contain a wealth of knowledge (from the book of Revelation)that merits publication. There are (4) additional audios to be added to this (10) audio series. The (6) audios posted below are in chronological order and cover many fascinating subjects in the Bible such as the, "mark of the beast", "God's promises to Israel", "the gathering", "the complete restoration",  and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh".

This audio ministry has been an ongoing ministry for this writer for almost 25 years. When I transpose these audios I study the content in effort to make sure all material is sound doctrine. I have spent many years studying Joel's Prophecy, the restoration of the Earth in the Millennial Kingdom, Jewish Law, The Kingdom Message, God's gathering of Israel, Israel's own gathering, various religions of the world, The Rapture, etc. These audios are fascinating and informative. They will fill gaps in your personal Bible study. They will bless you life and walk with Christ.

Please note the players below are sponsored players that often need to be refreshed to review content, to share, to send, to e-mail, to download or upload. God has blessed this ministry richly. Use it for the glory of Christ. Save these posts. Send them to friends. Help us to scatter this knowledge around the globe for the cause of Christ. This site is authored and maintained by Rick Roehm, pastor at the Upper Room in Williamsburg, Ohio. Our mission is to win souls to Christ. I'd like also to mention my dear Brother James Allen who works hand in hand with this writer to publicize Brother Lindsey's teaching around the globe. We do it for Jesus. Jesus gets the glory! Six audios posted! More coming as God allows.

The final hour of deception
The Rapture
Joel's Prophecy
Babylonian Religion
The second Exodus
Ashes of a Red Heifer

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