Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jesus, the greatest Father...Hubert T. Lindsey

Fathers Day Special!!!
I have been compelled to post this audio/video by Brother Lindsey for several years. A dear Brother (Jim Denton) from Mi. gave me this audio a few years ago. It contains very touching and powerful testimony for Christ. It also touches on the sanctity of marriage that so many need to know in this fast paced and evil world.

Today, Fathers Day 06/19, 2011 was the day to make that post! Brother Lindsey originally recorded this audio 06/19/1988. 23 years ago...Not a coincidence, huh? No. God has a purpose. This audio/video was necessary to post at the Churches on Trial as we endeavor to magnify Christ (and the truth concerning Christ in the Scriptures) around the globe.

In dedication to Hubert T. Lindsey, the father of the Gospel in Rick Roehm's life.

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