Monday, February 14, 2011

Matthew 24...Hubert T. Lindsey (audio)

In order to get a good understanding of this audio its important to understand that Jesus was born under Law, lived under Law, taught Law, and died under Law...until Grace flowed from Calvary. Secondly, Jesus preached the Kingdom message to Israel and never preached or commanded His disciples to preach to Gentiles or Samaritans. Jesus taught Salvation was for the Jew. He came to His own and His own received Him not. The Church was not existent during Christ's Earthly ministry. These points are important to know when studying the book of Matthew.

The Kingdom message Jesus preached dealt with "restoration". Restoration is what the Jew understood from Old Testament prophecy made by Isaiah, Joel, Daniel, etc. Many prophecies dealt with restoration and restoration dealt with the second coming of Christ. In order for God to "restore Israel " there first had to be Divine Judgment according to prophecy. This is the theme of Matthew 24...Judgment and Restoration.

Brother Lindsey clarifies Old Testament prophecy and shows the distinction between what applied to Israel and what applies to the Church today. This teaching takes away confusion that many are stumped on. This teaching on Matthew 24 will bring clarification as Brother Lindsey rightly divides God's Word.

Take notes on the excellent end times message about Christ's return to set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem... not to be confused with the Rapture of the Church! Study with an open ear to show yourself approved to God. Pause and start the player and use a Strong's Biblical concordance. Much, much knowledge about Christ's return in Divine Judgment contained on this 1 hour audio. May the Lord bless your study!

Matthew 24

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