Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holy Hubert Lindsey...(photos) preaching the Open Air

I heard Brother Lindsey state many times that he had led "millions" to Christ from every walk of life. What a beautiful testimony! Since this Blog has been published I've had the marvellous privilege to personally converse with numerous people(from around the nation) who were affected or converted by Brother Lindsey's ministry for Christ. As a minister for Christ myself I've found it to be an honor and a very uplifting privilege to meet so many from around the world who have turned to Christ for personal Salvation. Glory!

These photos below were recently sent to me so I felt it appropriate to republish them in honor to Brother Lindsey's ministry for Christ. Thank you all for the uplifting testimonies that have sustained good Christian walks for so many years. Keep those testimonies coming in. The Churches on Trial Blog encourages all of you to share your testimonies for Christ as they bring honor the God of our Salvation. Your testimonies can be as effective for Christ as preached sermons. keep them coming!

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