Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gifted men from the Throneroom...Hubert T. Lindsey

A while back I posted a sister sermon to the post today titled, "Miracles from the Throneroom". This sister sermon was preached at the same Church meeting in Glascow Ky. 1983.

Gifted men from the Throneroom is another sermon by Brother Lindsey that highlights what the Bible really teaches about Christ's ordination and His giving of gifts to men from the Throneroom to carry the Gospel and to do the service of the ministry. This is a present tense ministry. In other words this ministry applies to Now! It's not according to denominational stance but according to God's Word.

These timeless teachings of Brother Hubert Lindsey are not taught today in the mainstream; however Christ still governs His Church from the Throneroom. Christ still gives gifts to men from the Throneroom. Christ still rules today from the Throneroom. The Bible says so!

That's the purpose of this ministry and this Blog. To stir you to study the Bible and not be locked in on the words or opinions of men. What does the Bible really teach about gifted men? Does Christ really give men gifts? The Bible says so but don't take my word for it! Research it! Study the Bible and see what God says about these matters! God will show you. The Spirit will confirm it in your heart. I once heard Brother Lindsey say," One of the biggest regrets he ever had in life was not teaching this stuff sooner and in the earlier years of his ministry".

In the latter part of Hubert Lindsey's ministry he recorded these sermons and teachings for the edification of others to do the service of the Lord. He spent endless hours recording and capturing these teachings on audio recordings for future use. After Brother Lindsey passed God put it on this writers heart to continue this ministry as both Hubert and God so willed. So, If you think you have a calling in your life, for the cause of Christ, research these teachings closely and search the scriptures. God may reveal something to your heart and soul.

As we continue to archive Brother Lindsey's teaching material for the cause of Christ enjoy the teachings at this Blog. It is our desire to keep publicizing the complete library of Hubert Lindsey in this ministry. Enjoy the sermon.

May the God of our Salvation richly bless you with His great Truths of the Bible.

Gifted men from the Throneroom

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