Saturday, January 31, 2015

Miracles from the Throneroom... by Brother Hubert T. Lindsey

The following service was recorded in Glascow Kentucky in a local church in 1983. Brother Lindsey's teachings about the Throneroom were placed on his heart heavily by the Lord after it was revealed that the believer in Christ could get beyond Calvary and beyond the new birth. Calvary is the down payment. Walking in the Spirit is the life found when Christ takes over the heart and life of a child of God. A believer can get beyond what Christ did in the past...into the living presence of NOW in the Throneroom. This is the emphasis of this beautiful sermon by Brother Lindsey. This audio is classic holiness preaching and also speaks of some of Brother Lindsey's experiences with the Judgment of God. Enjoy it! Cherish it! May the Lord bless you as listen to and learn from this excellent sermon. I thank Jesus for this ongoing ministry of Brother Hubert Lindsey that still lives today across the world from the Churches on Trial blog that God is sending via Internet around the Globe.

Miracles from the Throneroom

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