Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our message is going around the World

Before Brother Lindsey died him and I conversed often. We discussed this Gospel and the depth of the knowledge that is behind this great teaching

As you know from reviewing our site the depth of knowledge we have about Christ has alot to do with our faith. At the Churches on Trial we put alot of good food on the table. I once asked Brother Lindsey what to do with all this knowledge. He responded, "Scatter it".

Little did either of us know that this great truth would be publicized around the globe just five years later. I have published much of this audio material but I have "alot more" to publish. Perhaps that will be my Winter Homework assignment for Christ.

I'd like to thank all of you for coming to our site via Internet. Brother Lindsey would be honored if he were still with us. I know Christ is honored. Spread this truth through Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, Taiwan, China, etc.

I Rick Roehm love all of you and appreciate you taking time to stop in and share the Christ of our Salvation. We do not do this work for Christ for a profit, we do it because we love Christ. Help us to scatter this material around the world as we take a stand for a Christ that not only died but who is risen and exalted at the right hand of Father. We stand for the holiness of God and right living in 2010.

May Christianity prevail in this cold dark world. More audios coming...but be sure to listen to all the audios/videos we already have posted here at the Churches on Trial, sermon.net/holy, Tangle, youtube, photobucket, and many others. All for the glory of Christ. We thank God for the ministry of Brother Hubert Lindsey left behind for us to carry on until we die or Christ returns in the Rapture.

With love,
Rick Roehm a sevant for Christ
PS...if your life was effected by this ministry or the ministry of Hubert Lindsey please send us your testimony and it will be posted on this site for the Glory of Christ. Christ is behind this ministry. People need to hear about it!

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