Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A families testimony of how Christ effected their lives by the ministry of Hubert Lindsey

Howard's testimony concerning Hubert:

First, I would like to give due respect to Rick Roehm for his Timothy-like faithfulness in his own ministry. Just as Paul committed his words to his faithful and beloved Timothy, knowing they would be honestly and diligently dispensed, so Rick has been faithful to dispense the words and works of the modern-day apostle, 'Holy' Hubert Lindsay, which so many of us were blessed to meet on our own paths to glory.

God will surely bless him for that.

We met Hubert in the 1980's and were blessed by his own personal ministry at that time. He spoke personally of some of the sufferings in his family (especially his wife) for Christ's sake. Compared to much of modern-day Pentecostal circles, his ministry and person were like meeting the first century apostles. After Paul's own words of being established in the gospel of grace, he helped tie up certain loose ends of doctrine and life that had plagued me for many years.

As Paul spoke of Timothy, though many seek their own, Hubert sought the things of Christ in his own life. He was that rarest breed of minister who held to the truth of the Pentecostal Reformation earmarked by such great ministers as DuPlessis, Wigglesworth, John G. Lake, Etter and many others in the great outpouring started at Azusa street.

Truly, Hubert sought to follow Paul as Paul followed Christ, and in hearing his messages, we were like the dead man who, cast upon Elisha's dead bones, was instantly brought back to life. I thank God for Hubert's obedience to his calling. In trying to distill my experiences of Hubert, in 56 years of evangelistic work, street ministries, missionary and church work, he is one of the very few people I had absolute confidence in.

Even right now, in viewing television and listening to a number of ministries, when my soul feels plagued or vexed, I go and listen to Hubert's messages to restore my Christian balance and lift myself up in the Spirit above the false and shoddy teachings which have crept in and overtaken the Pentecostal Reformation.

Lee's Testimony of Hubert:

Hubert seemed a funny man, but a dear brother in the Lord when I first met him. I thought him a bit peculiar, but loved him as my brother--just as I felt he loved me in the Lord. I was very young in the Lord then, and had little knowledge of true doctrine, nor did I have any idea how great a part Hubert would play in God's formation of truth in my own soul.

As someone saved outside the church, I had little knowledge of the religious (as opposed to spiritual) aspects which creep in and defile even the most well-spoken-of Christian circles. As my eyes became opened to these, I found the messages of Hubert to be a great blessing in one particular way.

I began to have a great hunger to know the great themes of the Bible. To know its truths and its purpose: to know God's plan and His carrying out of it and how it all would come about. God blessed this and encouraged me to study His word, and as I did, I became more and more free of the dictates of men and more and more conscious of what God really said. One of my most profound discoveries was that very often the things which even the best-intentioned and devout of us label 'good' are actually quite evil, while the things we label evil simply by appearance (God judges by the heart) may be God's actual will. The trouble is with most of us, is that we forget to ask God's opinion about which is which, and just presume to assume.

Some might take Hubert's screaming as an example. You listen to his messages and you might think he was crazy. But once you get past the shouting and listen to the words, you begin to see the sense of what he had to say, and that his shouting was often a means of dealing with our own deafness of soul and hardness of heart.

God has fulfilled the desire of my heart which He used Hubert to help give birth to. I now have an understanding of scripture which I have had people who have asked preachers for 60 years about certain things tell me they could never get an answer to. Why? Because I am some great prodigy of God? No. Because I simply got hungry and asked as a child, and Jesus never turns away a hungry soul. He sent Hubert because He knew I was hungry, but I didn't know for what until Hubert showed up! Thank You, Jesus!

I have learned to be like Hubert in this one thing: Ask (and keep on asking) and it shall be given unto you...the Greek has the connotation of persistence and diligence, for "he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM".

Behold not men's faces. Only seek God and He will satisfy your hungry soul and exalt His work in your life.

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  1. I personally was a hungry soul too. I know God sent Brother Lindsey across my path to teach me the Word. I can give account for myself, but I also know many others that were touched in the same manner by Brother Lindsey's ministry. They cried out and God sent a preacher across their path. I will also state, "It's not all about the man (Hubert Lindsey) as much as it is the Christ behind the man." Hubert would tell you the same if he were here.

    My thanks go out to this nice family from Texas for their contribution to this Blog and their strong testimony for Christ.

    If anyone else has a contribution concerning how Brother Lindsey's ministry effected their lives, "send". We'd be glad to post it at this site for the glory of Christ.