Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recognizing Christ, minding the Spirit, and allowing the Spirit to have full sway

How blessed we are to have Christ in our hearts and lives... in the midst of our trials and tribulations! Yesterday I was home with the bug, this morning I get the call that my Grandmother passed on to be with Christ.

Life has a different meaning when Christ is in the picture. Glory to Christ, He gets us through our trials and tribulations. Glory to Christ, He comforts us in time of need. Glory to Christ He shows us the way... is His way.

There was a day when Christ wasn't in the picture in our hearts and lives. Today by the Grace of God we can see through a different set of eyes. He wants us to do more than to just recognize Him. He wants us to "mind" His authority and to be subject to His holy presence. By doing such the Holy Spirit is able to show us that Christ wants "full sway" of our hearts and lives.

Full sway is to completely trust and to obey His Holy presence in your life. Full sway is when Christ has full control of your total being. Full sway is when you completely trust Christ for every need of your life.

I'm thankful to Christ that HE owns, controls, and meets every need of Rick Roehm's life. God bless you all. I love you all and appreciate your support through the good times and the bad. Recognize Christ, mind His Holy presence, and allow Him to have "full sway" of your complete being.

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