Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christian humility...

Humility is the God-given state of a believer in Christ. Christians have humility because Christ had humility and gave himself. Christians give themselves as Christ gave himself. Who do Christians give themselves too? They give themselves to God and to humanity. God gives this bond of perfectness. Humility allows the believer to represent Christ in love. Humility does not come from head knowledge or from the human intellect where pride stems from. Humility comes when people recognize who Christ is (now) in the Throne room and what Christ did for each of us personally at Calvary. Glory! Humility is the melted soul, subject to the Christ that forgave us, cleansed us, and put within us a holiness of heart that comes only from God Almighty. Glory! Humility is produced when man realizes he is nothing at the Saviors feet. Humility is the fruit of God manifested in your Christian character and conduct. Humility is shown in the action of a believer in Christ. Humility never shows pride. Humility is birthed when pride is buried. Humility is shown through the surrendered life of a believer in Christ. Humility and meekness does not mean "weakness". Humility only shows the controlled life of a believer. Humility is produced by the power of God. Your temperance (fruit of the Spirit) proves your humility! The world doesn't have humility because they don't have Christ. Glory to the living Christ! He's Exalted! He's exalted! He's exalted! Glory!

P.S...after sending this comment to a sister at I decided to post this comment at the Churches on Trial. May its content Bless you all! Glory to Christ who gives us a state of humility!

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