Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love victorius...ill will defeated...walk in love ...walk in VICTORY. Glory!

The following is a horrible tragedy in our modern Church World today in 2009. I speak of Christians having ill will toward any man. The Bible says God is no respecter of persons. Christians likewise are to have the same character and the same nature toward all humanity. This is love. This is Christ like love. Is not the love of God shed abroad in your heart by Holy Ghost? Is love to put one man down to lift yourself up or to make yourself look good? Is reaching a position of a higher standard in the eyes of the world give you the Christian the right to look down on any man? For any reason? Come on, "Who do you think you are?" Is this the characteristic or title of a Child of God? Is a seeker of position that looks down upon fellow man a high minded man? High mindedness is defeat. Ill will toward any man is defeat. The Devil wants men that call themselves Christians to be high minded and defeated! No high minded man is ever happy and contented.

Love does not put itself on a pedestal to look down upon "any" man, "any" race, or "any" standard of life. Love is not puffed up with knowledge. Love doesn't criticize or ridicule. Love is victory in Jesus. Love is proof of the sanctified heart. Love doesn't put one man down to build himself up. Love is proof of a living God that changes the heart of a fallen man. Love is proof that a Saviour lives. Love allows the sanctifying power of God to operate in the heart and life of a believer. A heart of love is a state of humility. Humility is not proud. Humility does not boast or seek earthly position or title. Humility is man's recognition that he's "nothing" in the presence of a living Christ. Humility is a servant to God and a servant to all men. Are you a true Christian? Do you have the heart of a servant? If so you have VICTORY! There's VICTORY in love and humility toward all men. There's victory in the heart of a child of God. Are you living a victorious life? Love is not puffed up. Love doesn't look down on a fellow man. Do you want to be sanctified? Sanctification offers VICTORY and lowliness... not haughtiness and proudness that offers defeat! Walk in love and you'll walk in victory. Love proves the sanctified heart and life. Love proves the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. Love flows when man is rid of the many defeats caused from the Adamic life. Ill will toward any man is defeat and the Devil has a field day with this type of character.

Give no place to the Devil. Bring honor to Christ in your character, nature, and toward fellow man. Have no ill will toward any man any social status rich or poor. Don't do all the things that God don't want you to do ...mind the Spirit. You'll find the highest promotion you can receive in this life. Your love and affections will be set on Christ because you've been promoted by Him. You'll know what He made you because you've been promoted by Him. Your heart will understand why you have VICTORY because Christ does the promotion. Glory!

Eph 2:6... And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus:

This is love my brother and sister. This is true Christianity my brother and sister! This is the Spirit's work in action! It's proven by you; by your life; by your actions and conduct. Christians are promoted by Christ. That's the highest promotion yo can get in this life. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Glory! I'm getting Blessed! Glory!

P.S...This writer was inspired to write this after being ministered to for the last couple of weeks by a few of Brother Lindsey's timeless messages on holiness. That's good holiness preaching!

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  1. Rick,

    Very timely post - some of the street preachers who have friended me on facebook because of my Hubert Lindsey page wear on me because of their constant badgering of people who don't hold their same doctrinal position.

    There have been some very disparaging comments about Oral Roberts on the day of his passing, too. Right, wrong, good, bad - there is no need to demean other people. Why would a non-believer want to be like us when we act like that.

    Thanks for writing.