Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get beyond Calvary...into the Throneroom...where Christ is active right now with all power and authority!

Many Christians today find themselves "stuck" at Calvary and yes I admit Calvary is the basis for forgiveness, Salvation and healing. Just remember, after Christ died at Calvary he rose from the grave, bodily resurrected, and is now exalted and seated at the right hand of God the Father. He's not just a crucified Christ but He's alive and doing something now in the body! Christ is in the Throneroom and doing things actively, now, present tense! For you and me! In you and me! Christ has all power in Heaven and on Earth! Christ has power over sickness, power over sin, power over the flesh, and power over the Devil!

The deity of Christ is one of the most important things anyone can ever learn about the person of Christ! God doesn't want believers to be stuck at Calvary 2000 years ago (only) He wants us to be wrapped up in the person of Christ, past tense, present tense, and future tense! Christ is alive NOW and in the Throneroom, even as I write these words on this Blog. Christ cleanses and purifies the hearts of believers from an Adamic nature...present give us VICTORY! To live happy and contented! GLORY!

Throneroom teaching takes people "beyond" Calvary and shows them a life governed by a living Christ. Throneroom teaching does not teach sin and repent religion. Throneroom teaching teaches men how to live a holy life after they get the holy heart found through the forgiveness of sins. When a believer gets beyond Calvary he can end up in the Throneroom where Christ is presently seated and makes intercession for all His saints. Throneroom teaching takes man away from the cross and gets him to a living and active Christ in the Throneroom where the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. Omnipresence is simply "universal" contact with Christ, God, and the Spirit at all times. Throneroom teaching teaches men to be conscious to Christ's person, to mind Christ with all gravity and subjection, and allowing Christ to have full sway of their "entire being". This includes being delivered from the old nature. Throneroom subjection allows the person of Christ to have complete control of your heart, life, and being. All of you "full time" and not part of you part time!

Throneroom teaching teaches a victory of living holy and right in the eyes of God. Throneroom teaching is "now" teaching and not just looking back 2009 years ago to a place of forgiveness ... where victory cannot be found over sinning religion or part time faithfulness. Victorious living comes from the Throneroom and offers a life of contentment. Victorious living does not get frustrated from the agony of defeat caused from sinning religion. The mindset of defeat never seems to find the "present tense" Throneroom experience where the victorious experience of the sanctified heart and life is found and lived out over the course of years. Without sinful conduct! Without being tossed to and fro! Without wavering! Victory over sin and the flesh is not found in the defeated life of sinning religion. Victory over sin is only found when a believer is made to sit together with Christ in Heavenly places. This is Throneroom teaching. This is what the New Testament teaches after the death of Christ! This is the doctrine of the true Gospel according to the Prophets!

Brother Lindsey taught people to get beyond Calvary and the many frustrations of sinning religion. Like the Early Church Apostles Brother Lindsey taught a resurrected Christ whose exalted and very much active in the present tense Church TODAY. Throneroom teaching had much emphasis. This writer/preacher likewise teaches and strives to convey that same doctrine and same truth from the Word of God today. Why? Christ rose from the grave according to the Scriptures and He's doing something right now...from the Throneroom! He's exalted! He's alive! Glory!

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