Thursday, July 30, 2009

Revived...Churches on Trial (audio)...7/18/87 (pt.1) Speaking in tongues, oral sex, homosexuality, Creationism, etc.

After a brief break in the "posting" of past Churches on Trial radio broadcasts, "We're back" with gladness! Today's post has a short interview (12 minutes) at the beginning but later into the show comes much depth of truth from the Holy Scriptures. Much truth... is brought out of the Old Testament records as God led in that direction.

How honored I am to "Revive" these past broadcasts that offer clairity to you the listener about the the important things pertaining to God's Word that cover the issues of our lives! Brother Lindsey made the person of Christ and Bible truth "real" to the listener.

This audio will cover Scriptural truth about speaking in tongues, why, how, etc. The subject of oral sex and strange lust was touched on. God's morality for the human family is the motive behind the Churches on Trial. God bless you all for sharing the truth of God's Word...with us. Glory to His name!

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