Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Revived...Churches on Trial (audio)...5/31/87...On the controversial subject of "The Church and Money"

The following broadcast was the second "Churches on Trial" brought to the public by a ministry called, "Laymen Alive". The intent of this broadcast was to bring light to the controversial subjects of...Tithing, Sowing and Reaping, and seed faith.

Brother Lindsey clairifies how many of these doctrines were formed and had become a misapplication of God's Word for hundreds of years, even centuries. Spirtualization of God's Word has done much harm to the Church World. He also makes a beautiful distinction between Law and Grace and clarifies "why" Tithing is not for today. "Hold on religious World" while you listen to the recording of "The Churches on Trial" on this Blog.

Please be patient with player below. It will play but sometimes it's slow to play. Perhaps owner inflicted error..not sure yet! Hope to perfect in the future.RR

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