Wednesday, January 11, 2017

About the author

Since 1988 I’ve been writing and doing service for the Lord. It all began in 1987 after a personal walk began with the Lord. This personal walk with the Lord turned into extensive Bible studies; and later evolved into blogging in early 2000. At present I write, author, and publish several different sites on the Internet. This archive contains a vast library of Theological writings, teaching videos, and preaching audios by Hubert T. Lindsey - that currently goes around the globe... for the cause of Christ.

I am a contributor at Christian Blessings. I keep Holy Hubert Lindsey Facebook Group - revived. The Churches on Trial Blog at Google was the first Internet provider where the Holy Hubert Theological library was originally built . Holy Hubert YouTube videos are available, and we have free recorded sermons at Holy Hubert sermons . I pastor a Church called the Upper Room in Williamsburg, Ohio .

My secular Blog is called Southwestern Ohio Fishing where I write about experiences with my son Chad where Chad and Dad together enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty mixed with Father God’s creation. At Southwestern Ohio Fishing I also publish recipes for those who enjoy eating and cooking as much as this writer does.

Thanks for sharing your time and life with this writer.

Here's more access to the ministry and secular Blog if you'd care to check them out.
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Christian Blessings (
Holy Hubert Group Facebook (
Churches on Trial (
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The Upper Room (
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God made it all possible!

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