Sunday, April 17, 2016

God Bless you all in a Sunday note - to our global ministry

Appreciate you stopping by. Our intent is to bless others as we are blessed. I haven't posted as much as I like to in while - but I did want to let you all to know " Love prevails".

The Upper Room will be having our annual "love feast" this coming month. We hope to have a nice dinner and "Open air service" at the public park.

I will be carrying the Gospel to "Teen Challenge" Milford Ohio this week. God's Grace changes hearts and lives.

We offer a complete Bible library at this site - for the edification of the members of the body of Christ.

Again, appreciate you stopping by. Stay true to Christ and be a voice for the Glorius Gospel of Salvation.

May love and unity be the fruit of this ministry.

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  1. Hi Brother Rick,

    Do you know how Holy Hubert memorised all of the New Testament as well as most of the Old Testament? God must have blessed him for that gift but did he use any techniques?