Monday, February 15, 2016

We preach against - human rebellion

The sin of human rebellion is inherited and found inside the adamic nature.
Rebellion is lawlessness concerning the will of God. Unsaved men are violators of God’s Law without choice.
“Even though man chooses to do right – God does not see man as right unless the rebellious nature is broken and righteousness from Christ comes into the human soul.”
Rebellion cannot be forgiven. Rebellion must be broken by the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Natural rebellion can give the attitude of self righteousness, but in the eyes of God self righteousness has no merit. Rebellion is an inherited bondage that all men must be delivered from – in order to find God given righteousness.
“Deliverance – not forgiveness is God’s way of liberating a believer in Christ from inherited human rebellion.”
This deliverance I speak of is a deliverance from Jesus Christ who “frees” the sinner from inherited natural rebellion. Deliverance is the power of a living Christ that morally changes the rebel against God – into a man submitted to the will of Christ. A morally changed man will recognize and appreciate this deliverance.  The guilty conscience will no longer have dominion and forgiveness form all past sins will be found. Pardon from God will ring true to the heart and thinking. Obedience to God will be the outflow of  the delivered man’s new nature. Peace will take over the whole man. Rebellion will be gone.
All glory to Jesus Christ who “delivers” man from human rebellion – and blesses him with a life of true Christianity. Deliverance from human rebellion cannot be found in religion. Only the work of the Holy Spirit can “break” human rebellion.
“The Grace of God that brings Salvation keeps the Holy Spirit present in the life of a believer in Christ.”

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